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Introducing the
Dear FCRV member,
In May of 2010 each member of FCRV received a Cadet Membership Packet that included an introductory letter and registration form, the Cadet policies and procedures and a Cadet Membership Certificate (If you did not receive a packet contact the National Office at
fcrvnat@Verizon.net and a packet will be sent to you.)
Enclosed with the Cadet Packet is a certificate for a free one year membership in FCRV. The executive board is asking you to give this certificate for one year’s free membership to someone you feel would make a good FCRV member. They are asking all 5500 FCRV members to give away a one year free membership. You can do this more than just once. As soon as you send in your first Cadet Registration, the office will send you another Cadet Packet so you can repeat the process. This has the potential of doubling our membership in just a very short time. We can’t think of a better way to spend our limited advertising dollars than to put them in your hands. After all who knows more about FCRV than you, our current members.
There are two important things to consider as you give this membership away for free. First, you must be selective on who you give this to. Candidates must be willing to abide by FCRV codes of conduct, rules and regulations. Second, we need to be willing to help these new members to be welcomed and active in FCRV. The success of this program depends on you mentoring
this member and encouraging them to renew their membership at the end of their free
year. On the back of the introductory letter are the procedures and policies for the Cadet Member Program. The State/Provincial Directors Field Directors can answer any questions that arise or contact the National Office. Locate the registration form you received in the packet, complete it for a new member you talked to and have confirmed their desire to be a part of the Cadet Member Program. Please give the new member the Cadet certificate and both you and your new member sign the registration form. The FCRV member is to mail the registration to the National office.
Now is the time to take action and help FCRV grow!
Have a wonderful camping season.
Jack Smye, FCRV President
Cadet Membership Program -----Procedures and Policies
1. When the FCRV member receives the Cadet Membership packet they will award the free membership certificate to a camping family or individual. The new member should mirror the qualities of character desired in FCRV members. Current FCRV members and those who have dropped their membership are not eligible for one year after the drop.
2. The FCRV member will present the Cadet Membership certificate and ask the new family to provide
the information requested and sign the Cadet Registration form. The new Cadet member keeps the certificate.
3. The FCRV member will complete the balance of the registration form, sign and mail it to the National
Office at FCRV Headquarters, 4804 Transit Rd, Bldg. 2, Depew, NY 14043.
4. When the National Office receives the registration they will process the membership and mail FCRV Cadet Membership cards and a welcome letter to the FCRV member. The FCRV member will present the membership card and welcome letter to the Cadet member.
5. When the FCRV member receives the Cadet Membership card and welcome letter from the
National Office, they will also receive another Cadet Membership packet with another certificate that they may award to another camping family.
Once an FCRV member has successfully recruited a Cadet Member, they must assume the responsibilities of a mentor for the new family. These mentoring duties may include:
1. Helping the new member become acquainted with other members in the local chapter and the
State/Provincial Associations.
2. Offering to caravan with them to campouts and conventions.
3. Making sure the new member is welcomed into all activities of the local and State/Provincial campouts. They should also help the new member become aware of the benefits and resources available to them in FCRV at all levels.
4. Help them make arrangements to attend the National Campvention and/or the Retiree Rally.
5. Encouraging the new member to enroll for the second year of membership.
1. Former FCRV members must wait a full year before becoming eligible for Cadet Membership. Current
members are not eligible.
2. A family may only be a Cadet member for one year.
3. Cadet Members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of FCRV membership except holding an elected National office in FCRV, voting on National FCRV matters, and issuing Cadet Memberships. Cadet members may pay dues, vote, and hold office in Local and State/Provincial Chapters and Associations as provided by the governing documents of those entities. Cadet members may also pay their second year dues prior to the end of their free membership year and proceed as a regular member. 4. Cadet members must accept and abide by FCRV Codes, Rules, and Regulations. FCRV reserves the
right to deny or rescind a Cadet Membership to families who do not accept and/or abide by FCRV Codes,
Rules, and Regulations or those found to be ineligible.
5. The FCRV Board of Trustees may change or discontinue the Cadet Program when it is deemed necessary.
6. FCRV members may count the Cadet member that renews and joins for a second year towards their
entry into the Ambassador Club or to move up a level in the club.